October 18, 2016

If you have missing teeth or you are looking for a whole new set of teeth, you are probably aware of the two different types of tooth restoration services, dental implants or dentures. When you are thinking about one treatment or the other, it is important to look at each treatment’s benefits. Dr. Glenn L. Sperbeck is an experienced dentist who can help give you advice about which type of tooth restoration is right for you. We offer dental implants in Westchester, CA and other types of tooth restoration to give you a natural-looking smile once again.


The first thing to think about when getting your teeth restored is cost. Dental implants can be significantly more than getting a new set of dentures, but typically only require a one-time investment, while other types of tooth restoration procedures may need to be performed more than once.


Next, consider how you will look after each procedure. Dental implants give your mouth a natural look that mimics your original smile. Today’s denture manufacturers can make your replacement teeth look as natural as possible, making it less obvious that you are wearing a dental appliance.


Another factor to consider is how they will feel. Since dental implants are surgically implanted, they will feel like your own natural teeth. You will not need to adjust your diet or how you eat with implants. With dentures, you may need some adjustments performed before they feel right. You may also need to limit some foods from your diet, so food will not get trapped underneath.


Finally, convenience is important as well. Dental implants must be surgically implanted. This requires recovery and may need more than one visit. A dental appliance does not require you to have surgery, as it is molded to your mouth in a series of office visits while you are awake.

If you are not sure about which treatment is right for you, call us at (844) 855-8818. Dr. Sperbeck can give you a consultation and help you make the right choice.



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