April 5, 2018

World Health Day lands on Saturday, April 7 this year. This day is important because it brings awareness for everyone to take a look at themselves and their overall health to see what they can do to improve. While much of the focus goes to diseases and sickness, World Health Day is also an important time to look at your dental health. If you are missing any teeth or suspect you might lose a permanent one soon, then dental implants might be the solution for you.

Long-Lasting Teeth Replacement

Dr. Codelli places implants for qualifying individuals who have missing permanent teeth. Dental implants are specially made prosthetic teeth that sit on top of a titanium post implanted directly into the jaw bone. This means the replacement tooth is firmly set, so it will not move around. You can use and care for implants that same as you would for natural teeth – regular brushing, eating, and so forth. With proper care, dental implants can last for a decade or even longer.

Consequences of Not Replacing Teeth

While there are many benefits to implants, some people choose not to go through with the procedure. There are other options available, but there are also drawbacks to not going with an implant. Bone deterioration is likely to occur with nothing to sustain the jaw. Those without implants may also be more restricted with what they can eat and how they speak. Forgoing any treatment at all may affect a person’s confidence in smiling due to the gaps in the teeth.

Schedule a Visit Today

Those who qualify for dental implants should be sure to visit with a specialized periodontist to ensure they receive the best treatment and the highest rate of success for the procedure. Schedule your visit with Dr. Codelli at Solid City Smiles in Atlanta, GA by contacting our office today.



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