January 29, 2016

Dental implants are complete replacements for missing teeth. There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend this course of treatment:

  • To prevent surrounding teeth from shifting into the empty space
  • To preserve the integrity of your jawbone
  • To boost self esteem that was lost due to missing teeth

If you are a resident of Englewood, Colorado, this dental treatment is relatively easy to pursue. In fact, you can have the procedure performed by a general dentist in Englewood, Colorado after getting a consultation with Dr. Robert Lefkowitz to ensure this course of treatment is the correct one for you.

Understandably though, cost is a concern for many Colorado residents. There are several factors that could determine the amount you ultimately pay for your dental implants. Some of them include:

  • How many teeth are getting replaced
  • The number of implants you need to compensate for the missing teeth
  • Whether this procedure is covered by your insurance plan

On average, a dental implant costs about $4,000. However, the cost could vary depending on whether you are likely to need supplemental treatments such as bone grafts, dental imaging or modeling techniques.

We Offer Affordable Solutions

At Mountain View Family Dental, we strive to make dental care affordable for all patients. We are in-network provider of all major dental insurance plans, and also accept Medicaid benefits. We do not want financial worries to get in the way of a person seeing a general dentist in Englewood, Colorado. That’s why, in addition to accepting dental insurance, we also offer convenient payment plans.

Our dental care team is excited to work with you and figure out affordable ways to help you get dental implants that will restore your smile. The first step in understanding your overall cost for dental implants involves getting an appointment at our office to see Dr. Lefkowitz. Contact us now at 720-259-6668.



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