October 6, 2017

Did you know one of the most attractive and unique aspects of your appearance is your smile? Having the confidence to share you smile is an important part of your emotional health. If you are self-conscious about the state of your teeth, the first step is contacting a dental expert. Dr. Lawrence Duffy and Dr. Kyle Duffy offer numerous procedures to improve their patients’ dental health, including cosmetic procedures and All-on-4® dental implants. If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants could be right for you. Here are some of the unique benefits of All-on-4® implants.

1. Convenient

One of the best benefits of the All-on-4® technique is the convenience. This treatment option only requires four implants placed at specific points in the jaw where there is enough bone tissue for support. Once placed, these implants can secure permanent dentures. All-on-4® dental implants only require a few office visits and offer most patients a quick and comfortable recovery.

2. Permanent

Many patients enjoy the permanence of immediate fixed dentures attached to dental implants. They do not require adhesives or specialized cleaning solutions. Rather, they look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

3. Healthy

Replacing lost teeth is about more than just restoring a patient’s appearance. When teeth fall out, there is less stimulation of the jawbone to encourage healthy tissue growth. Neighboring teeth are also more susceptible to plaque and gum disease. Because dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, they function like natural teeth roots to stimulate healthy bone and tissue growth.

4. Beautiful

All-on-4® dental implants are also beautiful. Once the implants have sufficiently fused to the jawbone, our dentists can install customized dentures designed specifically for you. These dentures mimic the natural appearance of teeth and gums, so you can feel completely confident eating, talking, and smiling.

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