November 1, 2018

Elderly woman shocked her dentures came out when eating an appleIt seems like almost everyone who gets dentures winds up with a story about one time when they slipped and had an embarrassing moment. Whether it’s dentures slipping while one is talking, or else losing them during a meal or even breaking them on food that is surprisingly challenging, there are countless stories out there, and you hear more all the time. It’s a fact of life when you have a removable tooth replacement option, though. Luckily, your dentist in Oklahoma City, OK, Dr. Van Horn, has options for you that overcome the challenging features of dentures.

Implant Support for Stability and Permanence

One of the options available to patients today is a combination of implants and dentures called implant supported dentures. This is a great solution for patients that need full replacements for one or both arches, because it combines the great advantages of dentures with the best features of dental implants. That means patients can enjoy stability and a fit that will not change, without the expense of full implants for an entire mouth. Dentures supported by implants will fit the same even if there is a change to your gum tissue, and the structure of implants helps discourage that tissue loss in a way dentures alone do not.

Convenient Repair and Replacement

Implants are designed to be permanent, and dentures supported by them tend to last longer than regular dentures, since the patient doesn’t have to worry about a change to the fit. Still, accidents do happen, and sometimes they will wind up damaged. When that happens, it’s easy for the dentist to remove the denture set and replace it with a new one designed to work on those same implants. That makes the process very fast, and it also means the new pair will preserve your smile just like the old one. Read more about implant supported dentures vs. dentures here.

Should You Consider Implant Supported Dentures?

If you want to avoid your own embarrassing removable denture story and are wondering whether implant supported dentures in Oklahoma City, OK is an optional solution for you, contact Dr. JayCee Van Horn for an appointment.



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