June 7, 2017

Largely composed of titanium, dental implants are placed into the jawbone just below the gum line. Once they are placed, they allow your dentist to insert a bridge or replacement tooth into that area of your mouth. Unlike dentures, implants cannot come loose and they do not need to be attached to other teeth.

Dental implants need a sufficient amount of bone support, so you will need to have healthy jaw bone if you wish to undergo the procedure. Bone that is too soft or thin will more than likely have to be grafted. This tooth replacement can provide great benefits in terms of oral health. If you are considering getting dental implants in Midlothian, VA, continue reading to learn more about the process.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer numerous benefits to patients. If you receive implants, you will reap the following benefits:

• More attractive smile
• Easier speaking
• Superior comfort (when compared to dentures)
• Easier chewing
• Durability

Due to their titanium makeup, they are extremely durable. With proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

The Dental Implant Process

After your individual treatment plan is drafted by your dentist, you will undergo surgery to receive the dental implant. At the beginning of your surgery, a small titanium post will be placed into the socket of your missing tooth, and as time progresses, the bone will grow around the metal post on its own. This can take up to 12 weeks. Once this is done, a small connector known as an abutment will be attached to the post so that your new tooth will be held firmly in place.

Contact Your Dentist Today

It is important to speak to your dentist as soon as possible about implants so that he or she can inform you if your jaw and gums are healthy enough for the procedure. Contact the experienced dentists at Allgood Family Dentistry on National Call Your Doctor Day to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.



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