December 10, 2018

If you’re currently missing one or more teeth, you may be looking for the least expensive way to replace them. While there are some immediate monetary benefits to choosing the cheapest tooth replacement option, you can enjoy greater long-term benefits if you select high-quality tooth replacement options. Dental implants may not be the least expensive tooth replacement treatment available but they provide exceptional value for your money. Here are a few things you should know about the benefits of implants and what factors affect their cost.

Dental Implant Benefits

Did you know your jaw bone starts to lose mass soon after you lose a tooth? Without constant stimulation from the missing tooth’s roots, bone degradation is inevitable. Most tooth replacement options don’t rectify this problem because they sit on or near the surface of the gums. Dental implants, however, are placed directly into the jaw bone where they act like tooth roots by stimulating bone growth and preventing bone loss. Additional benefits implants offer include:

  • Natural appearance
  • Comfort
  • Restored dental function
  • Improved appearance
  • Long-term reliability

For many people, these benefits make implants well worth the initial cost, especially compared to less expensive options that are not as reliable, comfortable or natural-looking.

Dental Implant Cost Factors

There are several factors that can determine the cost of implants, including where the implants are located in the mouth (those near the front or generally more expensive than those near the back), how many implants you need and whether or not you need supporting procedures (such as a sinus lift or bone graft). Your dentist in Larkspur, CA, will let you know if you need any procedures before you can receive implants. Fortunately, there are many financing solutions that exist today to help make implants more affordable.

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If you’re looking for a tooth replacement option that gives you great value for your money, consider dental implants. To find out how much implants might cost you, schedule an appointment with Drs. Brand Ahn or Jay Salzman by calling Marin Periodontics Dental Group today.



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