December 19, 2016

When it is time to make decisions about your tooth restoration options, two popular choices for patients are All-On-4® dental implants and traditional dentures. Patients who have extensive tooth loss can decide what is best for their mouth depending on their lifestyle and comfort level. While All-On-4® dental implants require a larger investment, many patients prefer this option for tooth restoration. Dr. Richard Assing specializes in placing All-On-4® dental implants and helping his patients start to feel proud to smile again. Here are some of the ways All-On-4® dental implants stack up to traditional dentures.


There is no question about it, All-On-4® dental implants are a natural-looking permanent solution for tooth loss that gives you back your smile. With traditional dentures, they may sometimes look awkward, and they have to be taken out each night.


Patients with All-On-4® implants can feel more comfortable because they are a permanent solution that do not move around in your mouth. With dentures, there may be gaps between the appliance and your gums, which could lead to discomfort when chewing or painful sore spots.


All-On-4® dental implants also give patients the benefit of convenience. It is rare to have to limit your diet and avoid foods because of your teeth when you choose implants over dentures. Those who wear dentures may have to say no to some of their favorite foods, like popcorn, nuts, steak or corn on the cob.


Getting dental implants can help give your mouth some additional health benefits. With the natural movements of dental implants, this may aid in food digestion. Additionally, you can avoid the potential problem of bone loss as you age. Bone loss is common in those with dentures, which can lead to sagging cheekbones and an aged appearance.

If you are ready to discuss your tooth restoration options with a professional, call Dr. Richard Assing today. Our staff of dental care experts can tell you more about the steps involved in an implant procedure.



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