March 14, 2016

All-on-4 is a unique dental implant procedure in which four separate anchors are used to lock a dental implant into place. It ensures that the prosthetic teeth remain secure and look natural even when under a lot of stress. It is the ideal procedure for replacing multiple teeth that have been knocked out, broken or badly decayed. Since the prosthetic piece is so large, it generally requires less time to place and heals more quickly than conventional dental implants of comparable size.

The All-on-4 Procedure

 The All-on-4 procedure begins when the dentist takes an impression of the patient’s mouth. This mold is used to create a large dental piece made up of ten or twelve teeth mounted on a single anchor. Extending downward from the anchor are four implants that can be screwed directly into the bone of the jaw to keep the implant in place. During the procedure, the patient is put under anesthetic and the implants are screwed into the jaw. The entire procedure can usually be completed in about an hour, much quicker than standard dental implants of the same size.

 Major Benefits of All-on-4

 Speed and convenience are the major benefits of All-on-4. To achieve similar results with standard dental implants might require several treatments over a course of weeks. All-on-4 implants also provide optimal support so the wearer can eat almost any kind of food without worrying about the implants breaking or slipping.

 Difference Between All-on-4 and Dentures

 The main difference between All-on-4 and dentures is the way the teeth are attached to the mouth. Dentures sit directly on the gum and are anchored only by the soft tissue, while All-on-4 implants use the sturdier bone of the jaw as an anchor.

 If you think the All-on-4 procedure might be right for you, contact Dr. Janet Century, your trusted cosmetic dentist in South Barrington, IL to find out more today.



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