April 6, 2018

Long ago, a trip to the orthodontist was an uncertain and at times, an unsettling visit. Fortunately, this field of dental science has made significant strides, and modern procedures offer increased comfort, more predictable time frames and better results. When you see a dentist in Chesapeake, VA, like Dr. Karen Parvin, your have a variety of choices for your treatment. Using the latest technology and practices that cater to your specific situation, we ensure your procedure is efficient and effective.

Results in Six Months

Many people are averse to orthodontic work because they expect to wear braces for an excessive amount of time. With the Powerprox Six Month Braces® system, you achieve the smile you want in far less time than with traditional methods. Using hi-tech arch wires, this technology safely and quickly moves your teeth into the preferred position.

While this treatment speeds up the correctional process, it is also a more accurate option than most of the dated techniques. This form of orthodontics accounts for your specific dental issues, with retainers molded from innovative materials and designed to fit each individual’s mouth. In essence, the most difficult portion of your treatment is handled during the preparation, so the time spent correcting your teeth is minimal.

Value and Comfort

Improved technology creates a number of other benefits in addition to faster results. These inlcude:

  • Lower costs
  • Less visible apparatus
  • More comfort

You might expect modern procedures to come with added cost, but that often is not the case. Another significant benefit are the invisible retainers, allowing patients to undergo this treatment without worrying about their appearance.

Scheduling a Consultation

Before settling on a specific type of treatment, it is best to meet with Dr. Parvin to discuss what will work in your situation. All smiles are unique and we take pride in making sure our patients receive proper and personal attention. To get started, please contact our office.



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