August 16, 2016

Your teeth are important for properly chewing and speaking, but they are also a vital part of your self-confidence. Many people say they have lower self-esteem if they are missing teeth, and research suggests they even lose job or education opportunities. There are several methods for replacing missing teeth. One of the most common is dental implants. Some people shy away from implants because they worry about dental implant cost, but in reality, they are usually a very good investment.

Consider Cost-Effectiveness
Dental implants sometimes have a high initial cost, but over time, they are more cost-effective than most other types of teeth replacement options. Because implants are a permanent option, you only have to pay for normal dental exams after the initial price of the procedure. Removable dentures, porcelain crowns and other methods of replacing missing teeth require realignment and replacement every few years, so even though they have a lower initial cost, the amount you spend on them can add up over time.

Think About Quality
Dental implants are often higher in quality than other replacement methods. Not only are they surgically attached to your jaw to ensure they do not fall out or slip around and become uncomfortable, but the materials used to make them are so realistic that almost nobody will even realize you are not using your teeth. They are available in a wide range of natural colors and are made specifically to your mouth’s size and shape. Implants are also easier to take care of, requiring the same care and regular dental exams you would provide for your natural teeth.

There Is No Fixed Price
The cost of dental implants varies depending on your needs. Whether you need extractions first, suffer from periodontal disease or require bone grafting to ensure you have enough jawbone for the implants all factor into the cost. Several other factors, including how many teeth you need replaced, should also be considered.

Find Out More
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