December 29, 2015

If you lost a tooth or are missing multiple teeth, you may be an excellent candidate for dental implants. Without all of your teeth, eating and chewing can be uncomfortable and even destabilize your bite. In fact, your entire jaw can shift, causing you to look older. For some people, dental implants produce a beautiful smile that looks and feels natural. Dr. Gregory Toback and his professionals at Shoreline Periodontics provide dental implant surgery and expert cosmetic dentistry in Westerly, RI.

Highlights and Advantages of Dental Implants

A dental implant is a steel and porcelain prosthetic tooth that resembles your natural tooth. It is composed of two parts that simulate the root and crown of a natural tooth. The root of an implant is a titanium steel rod surgically inserted into the jaw bone. A porcelain crown is attached to the steel rod to restore the missing tooth. Primary advantages include:

  • Ability to brush and floss exactly like a natural tooth
  • Preserves and maintains healthy jaw bone levels
  • Better than 95 percent success rate
  • Enhanced tissue response
  • Improved aesthetics

Proper flossing and brushing will help maximize the durability of dental implants, which can last for a lifetime.

Ideal Dental Implant Candidates

Implants offer durability because they fuse to your jaw bone. They can also anchor lower dentures that tend to move when you chew or talk. Additionally, implants can replace missing teeth for patients with removable partial dentures, resulting in a more natural looking smile. Ideal candidates for dental implants must have adequate bone and healthy gums to support them. However, implants are not a good option for patients who actively smoke.

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