September 8, 2016

There are now more ways than ever for dentists to treat patients and successfully improve their smiles. Dr. Tilman Richards uses cutting edge laser technology in Corpus Christi, TX to deliver state-of-the-art dental care. Find out more about the advantages of this innovative dental treatment option for your smile and your oral health.

Better Patient Care

It is only natural for patients to want the best care, and the introduction of laser technology makes it easy for dentists to meet such expectations. When it comes to whitening your teeth laser dentistry improves the performance of bleaching systems by boosting the effectiveness of whitening agents. This results in patients receiving brighter and better smiles than they might have compared with standard teeth-whitening kits bought at the store.

Improved Gum Disease Treatments

When used to address gum disease, laser dentistry gets rid of the diseased gum and closes the wound. This is possible because the laser settings are adjustable, allowing for the treatment of various oral problems. Now patients no longer have to worry about the discomfort normally associated with older gum disease procedures, nor do they have to concern themselves with bleeding gums during the procedure. Additionally, using a laser for gum disease treatments may not make patients as nervous and anxious as they might be with standard dental drills.

Accurate Diagnosis

Dental laser technology also makes it easier for dentists to make an accurate diagnosis of any oral issues a patient is having. Reflected laser light gives more detailed information on whether a patient has tooth decay or cavities as well as how strong the individual’s teeth are. Dentists can now use the most effective treatments for their patients and provide them with more specific advice on oral care.

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