August 16, 2017

Those who have teeth missing from either the top or lower row of their mouth have several options for restoring their smile, oral health and confidence. If your teeth are missing from the bottom portion of your jaw, Dr. Kimowitz and the rest of us would like to share information about the lower Hybridge full arch dental implant restoration.

A Single Surgical Phase

Compared to the full and upper full arch dental implant restoration options, the Hybridge lower full arch option has a shorter timeline. Specifically, your lower teeth can all be removed and you can receive your dental implants or dentures during the same appointment. To ensure you’re never without your lower teeth, Hybridge replacement teeth can be implanted at the very end of your procedure or within 24 hours, which are attached much like the Hybridge full arch. After your dentist successfully installs your implants, you can continue with the remainder of your dental implant treatment in as little as five weeks.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

It’s also vital you do your part to take proper care of your dental implants for the best cosmetic results and so your implants last as long as possible. Be sure you don’t head to bed without your night guard so you don’t wear away at or chip your implants or dentures while you sleep by grinding down or clenching your teeth, which you might do without even realizing it.

You’ll also need to pay close and careful attention to what you eat after receiving your implants. For instance, it’s best you avoid foods that require tearing or crushing, such as chewy candy, hard candy or nuts. Basically, any foods that put a strain on your teeth should be eliminated from your diet, which is a good rule to live by even with your natural teeth. You should also be sure you work with Dr. Kimowitz to develop a maintenance schedule to stay up-to-date on your implant upkeep and for cleanings.

Hybridge full arch dental implants could be just the thing you need to improve and restore your oral health and functionality. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more.



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