March 18, 2019

You may once have thought that as you get older and you start to lose your teeth that your only viable option is to live toothless or to get some dentures. Although dentures have long provided a solution for people over the centuries, dental implants have quickly taken over. Now, you can get implant supported dentures in Fargo, ND, to help restore the full function of your teeth. 

How Implant Supported Dentures Work 

Dr. Jeremy Wehrman first puts two to four implants into the jaw. This involves ensuring there is enough bone density to support the implant and that the patient can handle the surgical procedure. The implant posts fuse to the jaw bone through osseointegration. Once the posts are secure, a denture can be attached to them. Some types of implant supported dentures are fixed in place while others are still removable.

How They Compare to Traditional Dentures 

There are many advantages to getting implant supported dentures over traditional dentures:

  • They don not move around in your mouth
  • There is no need for bonding paste or strips
  • You can still eat many of your favorite foods
  • The implants help support your jaw bone to prevent deterioration
  • They are a long-term solution that can last for decades and longer

How To Know Which Is Right for You

Traditional dentures are still an option for many people. Not everyone may qualify to be a candidate for implant supported dentures. However, if you do qualify for the procedure, then dental implants are a good way to go given their durability and high rate of success.

How To Learn More

It is important to consult with Dr. Wehrman before making any treatment decisions. We can help you tailor a dental treatment plan to meet your needs and restore the function of your teeth. To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Wehrman, contact our office today.



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