July 27, 2016

Before deciding on a dental treatment to replace a missing tooth, you need to review all your options. Dental implants in Pittsburgh, PA are fairly common, but Teeth-in-a-Day™  have also started to make waves in recent years. While they are similar to an extent, there are several differences that our dentist can inform you more about.

  1. Number of Implants

Teeth-in-a-Day™ require four or more implants in each arch of the mouth.  That means four implants are being used to support a dental bridge. With standard dental implants, one implant is inserted at a time, and one crown is given to each implant.

  1. Angle of the Implants

Many people wonder how Teeth-in-a-Day™ is capable of supporting numerous dental structures. The answer comes from the angle at which the implants are inserted into the jaw bone.   Implant are inserted toward the back of the mouth and are tilted to offer a stronger bond.

  1. Situations When They Are Appropriate

Losing a single tooth is fairly common. It may have fallen out due to tooth decay or outside trauma. One tooth only necessitates a single implant. For patients who have lost a majority of their teeth, the other option would be preferable.

  1. Price

Since Teeth-in-a-Day™ utilizes more dental implants, it is going to cost a little more than a single implant. However, the price will vary from one patient to the next. Talk to our dentist before the treatment starts to receive an estimate of what either treatment will end up costing you.

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