February 7, 2017

Investing in tooth restoration services or dental implants is a big decision, but for most people, the benefits can truly make an impact on their daily lives. Suffering each day with missing or damaged teeth can make simple tasks more painful or embarrassing. Let Dr. Gregory Moore help you finally get the smile you want with our affordable solutions for missing teeth. Stop by our office in Johnson City, TN to get more information about how we can completely transform the way you look and feel about your teeth. Here are four reasons why investing in implants makes sense.

1. A Younger Look

One of the primary reasons why patients choose implants over other forms of tooth restoration is because it transforms their look instantly. Having a healthy, gorgeous smile can shave years off of your face right away, resulting in a younger look for you.

2. A Bolder You

When you know you look great, your confidence gets an immediate boost. After dental implants, some patients can finally feel confident enough to do more in life, such as ask for that raise, talk to someone new or smile proudly once and for all.

3. A Hassle Free Option

Implants are also much easier to deal with over time. You do not have to take them out each night to clean them; instead, you can simply brush and floss them like you do with your natural teeth. Since they are permanent, you do not have to worry about getting them replaced over time.

4. A Healthier Mouth

Getting implants is not just about how you look; your oral health can be positively impacted as well. When Dr. Moore replaces missing teeth, you lower your chances of suffering from gum disease and cavities from having gaps in your smile.

If you are ready to wow the world with your smile, call Dr. Moore for a consultation.



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