August 17, 2017

Losing teeth is a common occurrence for children who still have their baby teeth, but if you are an adult who has lost one or more teeth, you may feel extremely embarrassed by that event.  According to some statistics, nearly 70 percent of adults in their mid 30s and 40s have lost at least one permanent tooth. If you can relate, you are not alone, and in fact, you are in the majority. There are several things that could cause adults to lose teeth.

Accidents That Cause Trauma to the Face

Traumatic happenings such as getting hit in the face with a baseball during sports practice or slipping on an icy sidewalk and falling on your face are two things that could make you have a more than a black eye. They could also make your teeth fall out.

Severe Tooth Decay

If you have not always taken good care of your teeth like your dentist advised, advanced tooth decay may lead to tooth removal. In this case, the tooth loss is chosen, usually so the decayed tooth will not affect surrounding areas.

Gum Disease

You may also have family history, underlying health problems or other factors that result in gum disease. If the gum tissue becomes too weak, you may lose teeth.

A Feasible Solution Is Available

Lost teeth may make you have low-self esteem to the point where you do not even like to smile. There is no need to feel upset about the teeth that are missing any longer. Dr. Crandall can give you a thorough consultation for dental implants, so you can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking option. He will also explain things that could happen if a missing tooth is not replaced. For example, you may experience bone loss or your remaining teeth might shift. Because of these possibilities, this treatment could even preserve your smile. Contact us today and book an appointment to see Dr. Crandall.



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