August 25, 2016

Plenty of dental restorations are available for individuals who have lost a tooth. You will need to talk with our dentist about which one works best for your needs. However, many people find that dental implants in Rochester, MI have some awesome benefits they want to take advantage of.

Maintain Healthy Jaw Bone

One aspect of dental restorations that often gets overlooked is the fact that the jaw bone will begin to deteriorate. The roots of teeth stimulate the bone tissue, so even when a single tooth is lost, the bone starts weakening. A dental implant is essentially a replacement for the root while a crown gets placed on top to fill in for the visible part that was lost.

Lasts a Long Time

As long as you take good care of your smile, there is no reason why your dental implant cannot last the rest of your life. Other restorations will need to be replaced in 10 or 20 years. That means if you get a restoration while you are relatively young, you will need to replace it later on in life. With implants, you generally have nothing to worry about ever again.

Protects Other Teeth

Getting a dental implant is honestly best for the well-being of your entire smile. The reason is that when there is a gap in your smile, it is possible that your other teeth are going to move around. Teeth constantly want to move, but they get stopped by one another to remain in position. A dental implant decreases your chances of having to deal with other oral health problems in the future.

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