April 9, 2019

3 Risks When You Fail To Treat Missing Teeth

There are various ways people lose teeth. Some people will experience facial trauma while others will have substantial periodontal disease that impacts the health of the jawbone holding teeth in place. If you lose a tooth, then you need to call our oral surgeon, Dr. Andrew Mueller, immediately. Delaying the treatment can result in serious complications in as little as one year.

  1. Diminished Jawbone Health

Each tooth root provides stimulation to the jawbone. This stimulation keeps the bone tissue healthy and resilient. When even one tooth is lost, the body resorbs that part of the bone because it no longer has a use. In just one year, this can cause the person’s face to appear sunken. This makes a person appear years older than he or she actually is and can greatly impact a person’s self-esteem.

  1. Severe Speech Issues

Depending on which tooth is lost, a person may have a more difficult time pronouncing certain sounds. If the lost tooth is toward the front of the mouth, then a person may develop a lisp. You may also experience spitting, whistling or slurring any time you talk. This is a difficult thing to undergo, especially if you job requires public speaking.

  1. Shifting Teeth

When you fail to replace a missing tooth, the surrounding molars need to compensate for the extra space. They may begin to shift. This results in bite irregularities, which you feel any time you try to chew something. It may be uncomfortable to chew certain foods, and you may forego eating certain items because it is too tough.

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Dr. Mueller of The Marquis Center in Wichita Falls, TX provides dental implants to anyone who has lost teeth. Implants provide an improved appearance and an easier time eating. They are also far more durable than other restorations. Contact us as soon as you lose a tooth to avoid common health problems.



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