February 19, 2016

Whether due to an accident or neglect, sometimes teeth do not hold up as well as one hopes. Missing teeth can lead to cosmetic and medical complications. The change to the jaw’s structure could change how a person’s smile looks and the exposed gums might lead to shifting teeth, gum disease or other issues. Luckily, someone who is missing one or multiple teeth does not need to live with the problem. A number of options for dental implants in Minneapolis, MN are available.


Traditional Implants

Traditional implants might be an option whether a person is missing one tooth or several teeth. Usually made of titanium, traditional implants use posts inserted to the top and bottom jaws to hold the false teeth in place. A periodontist uses a three-step process to install implants. First, he or she inserts the surgical implants, which usually consists of six sections. Next, the patient must wait a period of time for the implants to heal. Finally, the periodontist custom makes dentures, crowns or a bridge to fit the implants. Many patients choose implants because they can last for decades when properly taken care of.


All-on-4® Implants

All-on-4® implants use four separate implants. These implants use the existing bone, which means bone grafts are not required for most patients. Like traditional implants, they might be a viable option for a wide range of patients. Dental implants act as natural teeth and do not need to be removed for cleaning, which makes them a more convenient choice for many patients.


Removable Dentures

Some patients may decide to ask for traditional dentures. Available as partials or as a full set, removable dentures use plastic and metal framework to attach to the remaining teeth. Removable dentures might be a better option for patients who are not healthy enough for dental surgery or who cannot afford the cost of implants.

Whether choosing dental implants in Minneapolis, MN or opting for removal dentures, it is important to speak to a professional periodontist. For more information, contact Dr. Andres R. Sanchez DDS, MS. at 866-910-6298.



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