July 18, 2018

When you are missing teeth, your first priority is likely trying to find a dental professional who can help you restore them. Dental implants are a great option because they can last for decades, or even for the rest of your life with proper care. However, in your rush to find a dental implant surgeon, you should not necessarily hurry to the first one you find. You will want to take the time to do some careful research and consider these important factors before scheduling your procedure.


Dental surgeons require years of education and practical training. Although dentists are skilled in caring for people’s teeth, they do not necessarily have the training to perform the surgery to the extent required for dental implants. Consider carefully the education and training your dental surgeon has received. If you are unsure, then ask – most dental surgeons would be happy to show you credentials.


Even if your dental surgeon has received sufficient education and training, you also want to take into account experience. How long has the surgeon been at the practice in question? How many patients does the surgeon have? How many implant surgeries has the surgeon performed? You should also look up online reviews for the surgeon you are considering.


There have been many amazing advancements in technology over the years, especially in regard to implants. Procedures are often faster, more effective, and require little downtime these days. For the best results, your surgeon should have access to the best technology, tools, and procedures in the industry. You will not want to make your decision based on cost alone – you want to ensure you are getting the best service from the best professionals.

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Even when you have made your decision, you should keep in mind that dental implants are not always the ideal solution for every patient. You should consult with your dental surgeon first to see if it is right for you. Contact our office at Periodontal Implant Associates to schedule your consultation with Dr. Amarik Singh today!



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