May 13, 2017

Implants and dentures are both often used for people who have lost teeth. Dr. Marco Cueva regularly fits people with dental implants at his offices in Allen, TX and Frisco, TX. He also helps individuals who need dentures. There are a few essentials to consider when evaluating the pros and cons of both to determine how to best meet your needs.


The cost of oral prosthetics may be one of your top concerns, especially if you do not have dental insurance or think your plan may not cover the whole cost. Although the total amount you pay depends on the specific situation, dentures typically cost less than implants. However, when cared for properly, implants should last for a lifetime while parts of a denture structure may have to be remade due to normal wear.


 You should maintain dentures and implants by keeping up the same oral care routine used for your natural teeth. It is important to realize that dentures may cause decay in surrounding teeth. Regardless of which kind of prosthetic you go with, regular dental checkups are essential. Once you get in the habit of visiting Dr. Cueva, he will make sure everything looks as it should and give guidance about better ways to maintain implants or dentures if needed.

 Your Oral Health

If your jaw does not have an adequate bone structure or your gums are not in good overall health, you may not be a good candidate for implants. A denture set could restore functionality and visual appeal to your mouth even if there are characteristics that may cause implants to fail or result in other complications.

Besides weighing these aspects, it is crucial to always listen to professional dental advice and follow it carefully. Dr. Cueva and his team can answer your questions and help you feel confident about getting dental prosthetics. Contact either the Frisco, TX or Allen, TX office today to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.



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