September 22, 2016

Numerous restorative procedures are available for replacing a missing tooth in an individual’s smile. They all have their advantages, but when people are looking for the best long-term solution, nothing beats dental implants. Our dentist in Tampa, FL will go over this treatment with you in detail when you schedule a consultation, and you will learn first-hand why getting an implant ensures decades of vitality.

  1. Osseointegration

The feature that makes implants so unique from other restorations is the fact that they fuse with the jaw bone. With a natural tooth, the root is firmly placed in the bone. An implant mimics this aspect. Ordinarily, when a tooth would be lost that part of the jaw bone would begin to resorb back into the body. Implants prevent this by stimulating the tissue and actually fusing with the bone through a process known as osseointegration.

With osseointegration, the implant needs to be inserted into the bone. Over the course of a few months, the implant fuses with the bone. You will be given a temporary crown to wear on top of the implant during this time. By the end of it, the implant will be fully fused with the bone, so you practically have a brand new tooth in place.

  1. Keeps Everything Else Healthy

Another reason why dental implants are great long-term solutions is the fact that nothing else in the mouth gets compromised. The jaw bone is kept strong and healthy. With the gap filled, none of the other teeth will be able to shift out of their normal positions. Implants are also safe for the gum tissue. As long as you take care of your oral health, you will have little to fear.

Get Your Implant From Our Office

Contact the office of Dr. Douglas G. Genninger to schedule a time to get your oral structures examined. You may qualify for implants, and soon your smile will look as good as new.



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