December 30, 2015

Millions of Americans suffer from gum and/or periodontal disease. If either of these conditions has taken hold in your life, the damage that they can inflict may be too severe to be reversed through traditional treatments. If your periodontist in Cadillac, MI has told you that you need gum surgery, then you may very well be panicking at such a prospect. After all, it is only natural to fear having to go “under the knife,” so to speak. Yet what if you could receive necessary surgical treatment with having to involve scalpels and knives at all?

The Benefits of Laser Treatment

With laser dentistry, you can undergo gum surgery without having to face some of the risks inherent with traditional surgical techniques. Ask any of the patients who’ve undergone such a procedure, and they will tell you that they experienced benefits such as:

  • Fewer treatment visits
  • Minimal root sensitivity and post-operative gum recession
  • Little to no pain or discomfort
  • Faster recovery times

In a majority of cases, recipients of laser gum surgery are able to resume their regular activities in as little as 24 hours after their procedures.

Unprecedented Treatment Accuracy

How is this possible? It is all thanks to the highly-attuned and precisely calibrated laser used in the procedure. This tool offers periodontists the ability to deliver treatment at levels of precision once thought to be impossible. During the procedure, Dr. Amalfitano will target and destroy only the diseased areas of your gums, leaving the healthy tissue completely untouched. This helps facilitate the growth of new, healthy gum tissue, effectively reversing the effects of periodontal disease without the need for scalpels and sutures.

Trust in your periodontist in Cadillac, MI to provide you with the best surgical options available when it comes to treating the effects of your gum disease. Dr. Amalfitano is highly-skilled as laser dentistry, and can have you back enjoying a happy, healthy smile in no time at all. To learn more about your many periodontal disease treatment options, call us today at 231.535.0260.



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