April 6, 2018

Living with missing teeth comes with complications, such as issues with eating, problems speaking and a higher risk of losing more teeth and bone. You might have heard of dental implants, and you are probably aware of dentures. One treatment option of which many people are not as familiar is implant supported dentures in Nashville, T.N. Our dentist, Dr. Pace, recommends these to many of our patients looking for a more secure denture option.

What Are They?

 As their name suggests, implant supported dentures are dentures secured to the jaw through implants. There are two different types: bar retained and ball-retained. Bar-retained dentures use three or more implants in the gum. Then, there is a metal bar along the entire gum line on which the dentures are attached. There are different options for attachments, but it is common to use a clip. The dentures remain secure and reduce the discomfort caused by movement of the dentures.

Ball-retained dentures utilize a few implants that have a stud or ball on them. The dentures have sockets in which the balls fit to secure them to the gum. The dentures can be removed for cleaning and sleeping, but stay very secure the rest of the day so that you can chew and speak almost like normal.

Who Is a Candidate?

Not everyone is a candidate for this type of dentures. For one, you must have sufficient bone to handle the implants. You may be able to undergo bone grafting to build up your bone if you do not naturally have enough. You also generally need to be in good health, especially as you will have to undergo one or more surgical procedures for the implants. Finally, you need to have several missing teeth requiring the replacement with a full denture rather than a crown or bridge.

Contact Us

If you are ready to take control over your oral health and fix your missing teeth, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Pace to discuss implant supported dentures in Nashville, T.N. He will examine your mouth to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.



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