May 31, 2017

As an adult with missing teeth, you want to choose a tooth replacement option that you can depend on to restore dental functionality and improve your quality of life. Among the options available to you are two treatments that may seem very similar at first glance: implant supported dentures and dental implants. Learn about the key differences between these two popular treatment options.

Dental Implants

 A few of the features and benefits of dental implants include:

  • Natural appearance: Dental implants look identical to natural teeth.
  • Convenience: Implants are not removable, which means they do not need to be taken out for cleaning purposes.
  • Placement: Each implant post is inserted individually into the jaw, where it becomes part of the bone over time.
  • Durability: As mentioned previously, implants are extremely durable and can last many years without replacement.

 It is easy to see why dental implants in Dallas, TX are so popular. They are a great treatment choice for those who have lost one or just a few teeth.

 Implant Supported Dentures

 Implant supported dentures are a great alternative to traditional dentures and are similar to single implants. Here are a few features of this convenient tooth replacement option:

  • Natural Appearance: No one will be able to tell you don’t have natural teeth.
  • Convenience: Dentures that are supported by implants do not need to be removed when you eat or go to sleep at night.
  • Placement: Four posts are placed in the jaw and anchor a set of dentures securely to the gums.
  • Durability: Implant supported dentures are highly reliable and last for many years.
  • Affordability: Dentures that are supported by implants are typically a more affordable choice than individual implants for patients who have many missing teeth.

 As you can see, implant supported dentures offer a nearly identical list of benefits to single dental implants in Dallas, TX, but they may be a better choice for patients who have lost most or all of their natural teeth.

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